Review: Love and Money

Love and Money

Yet again, this small group delighted audiences with a hilarious production.  Whilst not a frenetic farce, Love and Money by Raymond Hopkins had enough funny “business” and a witty script to boot.  The scene with the vicar, the lady from SOCO and the tube of superglue was a great moment of farce, brilliantly executed by Tim and Carrie-Anne Hiscock and some members of the audience were obviously moved to tears!  Under Ruth Jones’ able direction, every member of the cast had a part to play in the unfolding of the plot as Derek Felton (Graham Pinney, determined to extract every bit of laughter from the part) tried to profit on the insurance after a burglary.  Debbie Sparks as his long-suffering wife made the most of some very funny lines and their daughter Amy (Andrea Doyle) with her boyfriend, the hapless burglar Tony (Stuart Dickens) had the audience in stitches.  Add to the mix a lovesick copper, perfectly played by Adam Hiscock, and a nosey neighbour in need of a new man (Lyn  Batt) and you have the recipe for a very entertaining evening.

On Saturday night the author was in the audience and was definitely observed to be enjoying himself!  As he donates his royalties to Multiple Sclerosis Research, the audience had the double whammy of a great laugh and the feelgood factor of knowing they had helped to enrich a worthy charity.

Jean Maple (Miss)