Spring 2015 Production – Pull The Other One

Pull The Other One - A4 Poster WebPull The Other One

A Farce By Norman Robbins

Directed By Colin Jones

Thursday 26, Friday 27 & Saturday 28 March 2015 – 8pm
West Monkton Village Hall
Tickets: £7 Full – £6 Concession.
£1 off all tickets purchased by Wednesday 25 March.


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Albert Perkins is blessed with a loving wife, Muriel and cursed with a fearsome mother-in-law, Boadecia. When his friend Hilary Armitage writes to him reminiscing about the good times they used to have, Boadicea reads the letter and determines to remove her daughter instantly from the clutches of this evil sex-fiend. Albert has a hard time explaining that the letter is perfectly innocent, and anyway Hilary is a man. He isn’t helped when Hilary turns up, wearing a blonde wig and a glamorous evening dress. By the time Hilary manages to explain he’s come straight from doing his drag acts at the local pub, it’s too late – Bodicea has bashed Albert with the poker. Further disasters are in store when Hilary, anxious to make amends for the trouble he has caused, tries to help Albert