Ode to Coronation Fever

When Coronation Fever came in 1952

The Reverend Tongue decided they should organise a do.

In theory it should have worked, but it was not to be,

His meeting turned into a room of eccentricity.


With Bunty in her uniform and Major Payne in his,

It’s no surprise the vicar found himself in such a tizz,

And as for Roger Darling with his whistle and his woggle,

The thought of what he’d do with them would make your mind just boggle.


And what with flirty Marilyn upsetting Jeremy’s wife,

It’s no surprise that Edna has been sharpening her knife,

With Maurice and his grandson Reg about to blow a fuse,

And Gladys getting such a shock when entering the loos.


What fun it’s been to do this play with our Director, Tim,

It’s been a blast and so we give our special thanks to him,

Plus everyone who’s helped backstage and front of house as well,

Especially poor Cathy with the prompter’s job from hell!


So with erections held and nurdling done and no more cock ups now,

We’ve done our final curtain call and taken our last bow.

I’m sure we all agree what a successful play it’s been,

So I now give this loyal toast: “Elizabeth – our Queen!”



Sue Peachey

31 October 2015