According to Rumour Ode

So this play is over and what fun we’ve had

Though John our Director’s been driven half mad.

He told us until he was blue in the face

“Please make sure your mobiles are in the right place!”


We’ve chased and we’ve hidden and come in on cue,

And as for our lines – we remembered a few!

But Ninjas and lampshades and knocks on the head

Ensured that we made up with actions instead.


So Carter and Emma and Harriet their Mum

Get mixed up with Ashley whose head has gone numb.

While Kitty Kat and Logan are out to make money

And Maxine’s and Martine’s strange accents are funny.


When Roger could sort out which trousers were his

He then ended up in a bit of a tizz.

But when he and Harriet got rid of their pyjamas

They found themselves bound for the lovely Bahamas.


So well done to all at the end of this show

We’ve really made sure that our audiences know

If you want a good evening of laughter and humour

Then here’s where to come – According to Rumour!



Sue Peachey

2 April 2016